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Kicking off the last regular season week in the league, check out who is still alive in the contention

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The NBA regular season is almost over. We only have one week left and most teams have only three or four more games before the play-in tournament begins. With that said, it is time for another NBA Playoff picture, showing which teams are still left in contention, their chances to advance and the odds for them to clinch a playoff spot. Check it out with ThePicks now.

Playoffs clinched

After the weekend slate, one more team clinched a playoff spot. So now, with one week left, we have eight teams qualified for the playoffs, which means we still have four openings. We also have the Toronto Raptors clinching their play-in tournament spot as they can’t make it to the playoffs nor be eliminated anymore. Those are the eight teams officially in the playoffs entering this week:

East (1 spots left)

  • Milwaukee Bucks (56-22)
  • Boston Celtics (54-24)
  • Philadelphia 76ers (51-27)
  • Cleveland Cavaliers (49-30)
  • New York Knicks (46-33)

West (3 spots left)

  • Denver Nuggets (52-26)
  • Memphis Grizzlies (49-29)
  • Sacramento Kings (47-31)


The NBA’s weekend slate also confirmed the elimination of another three teams from the playoff contention. Now we have seven teams already out and only three more will miss the post-season. Those are the teams we will not see in the playoffs nor in the play-in tournament this season:


  • Washington Wizards (34-44)
  • Indiana Pacers (34-45)
  • Charlotte Hornets (26-53)
  • Detroit Pistons (16-62)


  • Portland Trail Blazers (33-45)
  • San Antonio Spurs (20-58)
  • Houston Rockets (19-60)


Now the season is getting closer to its end the probabilities of each team clinching a playoff or play-in spot are getting higher (or lower for those out of the qualification zone). So, closing our NBA Playoff picture, these are the probabilities of each team and also the odds (Bet365) to be in the playoffs (this includes qualifying through the play-in tournament).

TeamPlayoff chancesPlay-in chancesOdds
Brooklyn Nets92.4%7.6%
Miami Heat7.6%92.4%1.14
Atlanta Hawks<1%>99%1.83
Toronto Raptors100%2.20
Chicago Bulls>99%3.90
Orlando Magic<1%
Phoenix Suns>99%<1%
Los Angeles Clippers61.3%38.7%1.11
Golden State Warriors47.7%52.3%1.045
Los Angeles Lakers38.3%61.7%1.09
New Orleans Pelicans47.1%52.9%1.44
Minnesota Timberwolves5.7%94.3%2.00
Oklahoma City Thunder74.6%8.25
Dallas Mavericks24%
Utah Jazz3.5%
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