NBA Playoff Picture

With two weeks left in the regular season, a record of 26 teams are still mathematically alive

The NBA is almost done. At least the regular season. We have yet two weeks to be played and after that, the playoffs start. And with only two weeks left, we have a record. At this point of the season, we still have 26 teams mathematically alive in contention for a spot in the post-season, more than any other season ever. So, now it is time for the NBA Playoff Picture, brought to you by ThePicks.

Playoffs clinched

When we made the first NBA playoff picture of the season, 10 days ago, only two teams were guaranteed in the playoffs. Now, we have six. The Milwaukee Bucks and the Denver Nuggets are still the conference leaders and qualified a long time ago. Since that time, the Boston Celtics, the Philadelphia 76ers, the Memphis Grizzlies and the Cleveland Cavaliers also grabbed their spot.


Besides the six teams already there, we have still a record of 20 teams fighting for the remaining 14 spots. After doing the math, this means that only four teams are already eliminated from the playoffs contention, one more than the three from 10 days ago. All four teams have 50+ losses in the season. The Charlotte Hornets joined the San Antonio Spurs, the Houston Rockets and the Detroit Pistons on the elimination club.


Besides the six teams already there, we have a seventh one, the Sacramento Kings, with more than 99% of chances to be in the post-season. And these are the chances of the other 19 teams. (In bold the teams not relying on anyone else’s results):


  • New York Knicks – 99%
  • Brooklyn Nets – 95%
  • Miami Heat – 81%
  • Chicago Bulls – 44%
  • Atlanta Hawks – 43%
  • Toronto Raptors – 35%
  • Indiana Pacers – 2%
  • Washington Wizards – 1%
  • Orlando Magic – <1%


  • Phoenix Suns – 95%
  • Los Angeles Clippers – 80%
  • Golden State Warriors – 80%
  • Minnesota Timberwolves – 76%
  • Oklahoma City Thunder – 51%
  • New Orleans Pelicans – 48%
  • Los Angeles Lakers – 41%
  • Dallas Mavericks – 18%
  • Utah Jazz – 12%
  • Portland Trail Blazers – <1%

This is how the brackets would be if the regular season finished today.