Tomorrow the teams will find out the draft order and start preparing for the picks they are going to make

As we approach to the end of the NBA season, we also approach the offseason. And unlike the NFL, which has a whole lot of time available in the offseason to hold the draft and the combine, the NBA has only a few months. Because of that, they are already having the combine today and we will find out the draft order tomorrow. Check out the NBA Draft Lottery Details.

For those unfamiliar with the system, especially those who usually only watch the NFL, the NBA draft order is not only based on the last season’s record. The worst teams of the season have more chances to get a better pick, but ultimately, it is a ping pong ball which decides each team’s pick.

Based on last season’s performance, here are the odds for each team to end up with the no. 1 overall pick. These odds are based on the number of ping pong balls each team will have on the pot to be selected. The name lottery is not in vain as the chosen team will be selected exactly as the lottery numbers are.

  • DET Pistons – 14%
  • HOU Rockets – 14%
  • SA Spurs – 14%
  • CHA Hornets – 12.5%
  • POR Trail Blazers – 10.5%
  • ORL Magic – 9%
  • IND Pacers – 6.8%
  • WAS Wizards – 6.7%
  • UTA Jazz – 4.5%
  • DAL Mavericks – 3%
  • CHI Bulls – 1.8%
  • OKC Thunder – 1.7%
  • TOR Raptors – 1%
  • NO Pelicans – 0.5%

The NBA Draft Lottery happens tomorrow, Thursday, May 16, at 8:00 PM (ET). You can watch it on ESPN.

1st overall pick

Although we still don’t know which team will have the no. 1 overall pick, the bookies already have lines open for this market. Check out now who are the main prospects with the higher chances to get picked first.

  • Victor Wembanyama -10000
  • Scoot Henderson +3000
  • Brandon Miller +10000
  • Amen Thompson +15000
  • Ausar Thompson +15000
  • Jarace Walker +15000

2nd overall pick

  • Scoot Henderson -238
  • Brandon Miller +150
  • Amen Thompson +2500
  • Ausar Thompson +5000
  • Jarace Walker +8000
  • Anthony Black +8000

3rd overall pick

  • Brandon Miller +110
  • Scoot Henderson +150
  • Amen Thompson +450
  • Jarace Walker +2000
  • Anthony Black +2000
  • Ausar Thompson +2500

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