Trying to fight against one of the things that bother fans the most, the league is creating a technical foul


One of the major problems in the NBA lately is close to an end. The NBA competition committee is discussing a potential in-game penalty to be created for flopping. If the proposal is accepted and proven efficient, it would result in a technical foul free throw for flopping on the court. The Athletic’s Shams Charania reported the news, adding that Summer League, in July, will be the trial.

Floppings on the NBA have not only been an annoying problem from the fans’ perspective. It has also been decisive in the court. During the series between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Golden State Warriors, in Western Conference Semifinals, Golden State had a lot of complaints about the refs’ decisions.

According to the Warriors’ side, Los Angeles earned a lot of free throws by flopping. Golden State head coach Steve Kerr spoke about it after one of the games and asked for the NBA to incorporate a rule from FIBA. “I think, to me, what I’ve learned coaching in FIBA, there’s a flop rule. If a referee deems a player has flopped, they just call it a technical foul. And it’s pretty penalizing,” Kerr said.

“And so the flopping has basically been eliminated from FIBA, and we have the ability to do the same thing in the NBA if we want. I think we should address it, because the players are so smart, and the entire regular season is about gamesmanship and trying to fool the refs. And this is how it’s been for a while. Do we want to fix this?”


The NBA is almost reaching the Finals. The Denver Nuggets have won the Western Conference. Now, they await the definition in the East to meet their opponents in the NBA Finals. The Miami Heat have the chance to qualify tonight. They visit the Boston Celtics in Game 5, leading the series 3-1.

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