Miami Dolphins NFL Week 3 Recap – Game and Betting

Miami Dolphins NFL Week 3 recap. The Dolphins scored a win over the team that everyone had as the best in the NFL.

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The Miami Dolphins stayed undefeated. In a battle against the Buffalo Bills, Miami hung on to the 21-19 home-field victory. The Bills dropped to 2-1 on the season while Miami improved to 3-0. Here’s what we were thinking ahead of the game.

Betting Recap: Miami vs Buffalo

  • OVER 53.0 points (loss)
  • Devin Singletary scores a touchdown (win)
  • Dolphins +6.0 handicap (win)
  • Tagovailoa throws OVER 261.5 yards (loss)

Compiled, we went 2-2 in the game. However, the Singletary touchdown was at odds of +150 (3 to 2), meaning that someone that weighted their bets evenly would have turned a profit.

Game Recap: Miami Dolphins win

The game will be remembered for the final five minutes. Down 17-21, the Bills turned the ball over on downs inside Miami’s 5-yard line with under two minutes left. However, the Bills were then able to hold Miami to a three-and-out.

While punting out of their own end zone, Miami’s punter kicked the ball into his own teammate’s backside. The ball went out of the endzone for a safety and that made the score 21-19. Needing only a field goal for the win, the Buffalo Bills attempted one last drive. However, they failed to spike the ball in time despite being in position for what would have been a probable game-winner.

Josh Allen threw for 400 yards in the game and two passing touchdowns. He also had 47 yards rushing. However, he was just 42 for 63 for 21 lost downs. The Bills appeared to have little for a rushing game as Allen’s 47 on the ground were a team-high.

Where Miami fits in Week 4’s NFL Power Rankings will be interesting. If you take the results at face value, then they would have to be No. 1. The Bills should also be dropped down. It will be interesting to see whether the various pundits rely on results in games or stick with their preseason opinions after Week 3.