Mac McClung’s High School Dunk Reel

Mac McClung wins the NBA’s Slam Dunk competition for the 2023 All-Star game. Check out his high school dunking reel.

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You don’t have to be an NBA protege to win the Slam Dunk contest as part of the NBA’s All-Star weekend festivities. This season, little-known Mac McClung took the competition’s top placement.

He is technically a member of the Philadelphia 76ers, however, his game log this season includes just one appearance. His high-school reel for dunks is on YouTube and we posted it below for you.

Mac McClung’s High School Dunking

If you are looking for the video highlights of the NBA All-Star game’s dunk contest, then that can be found here (link exits to YouTube’s NBA account): Mac McClung NBA All-Star Game 2023 Slam Dunk highlights.

At just 6’2″, McClung almost bumps his head on the rim of a couple of times. He’s definitely getting his 15 minutes of fame tonight.