Lakers lose to Clippers – NBA October 20th

Los Angeles Lakers vs Clippers on October 20th, 2022 result: game recap and betting recap. Russell Westbrook went 0-11 on shooting in the game.

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The Los Angeles Lakers have started the season 0-2. On Thursday night, the Lakers faced the LA Clippers and suffered a defeat 103-97.

We had some betting recommendations for the game. Firstly, we felt that the Clippers were the right Moneyline pick and that came true. Also, Patrick Beverley’s total seemed too low in the steals and blocks department, another tip that worked out for our readers.

The Clippers had a very well-rounded attack in the game. Six players scored for double digits, including three off of the bench. Ivica Zubac had 17 rebounds in the contest while Paul George had 10. Zubac also had 5 blocks in the game, an alarming amount for any NBA player in a single performance.

The game could be noted as the first one where Kawhi Leonard came off of the bench since the 2013/14 season. In 21 minutes, Leonard had 7 rebounds and 14 points for the Clippers.

Lakers fans should be worried

The Lakers looked like they did in the first game from some points of view. They got big numbers from LeBron James and Anthony Davis. However, they did not get much out of their bench, nor did they have a deep starting cast for production.

Russell Westbrook, the former MVP, had just two points in the game on 0 or 11 shooting from the floor that included 0 for 6 shooting from 3-PT range. He did have 5 steals in the game and that shouldn’t be discounted from a discussion regarding his performance. However, he has unaffectionately been dubbed “Westbrick” in Los Angeles over the last couple of seasons. At 33-years-old, there’s definitely something missing from his game at this stage in his career.

The Clippers’ next game is against the Sacramento Kings on Saturday. The Lakers will host Portland on Sunday afternoon.