LA Lakers beat Golden State: NBA Saturday

Lakers vs Warriors recap for Saturday, February 11th, 2023. The Warriors (now 28-28 this season) lost to the Lakers, who are now 26-31.

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Lakers vs Warriors Recap: NBA February 11th, 2023

The Golden State Warriors hosted the LA Lakers on Saturday. LA has made huge investments in improving their team recently and their fans will be looking for the changes to pay dividends. On Saturday night, Los Angeles started Anthony Davis, Rui Hachimura, Troy Brown Jr., Dennis Schruder, and D’Angelo Russell.

Is this finally the winning combination for LA? This was a game that LeBron James, the team’s normal starting small forward, had to miss but the Lakers were able to get a victory — and it’s a pretty impressive one.

The Lakers beat the Warriors in a contest that was fairly close at the final buzzer. LA put up a single-digit spread in the game, winning by 6 points. The final score was LA 109, and Golden State 103 as the Lakers handed the Warriors a rare loss at home.

Lakers @ Warriors Saturday: Jordan Poole scores 29

With the loss, the Warriors are now 28-28 overall on the season. They have been pretty much a 50/50 team all season. They started the campaign 14-14 and have gone 14-14 since that time. There hasn’t really been a point in their season when they were too far away from a .500 record.

Golden State is now 21-7 from home this season. The top scorer in the game was Jordan Poole, who started the game. He had a very good 29 points in the contest with Steph Curry currently injured. The Warriors finished the evening in 9th spot and they are among a huge middle class of teams in the Western Conference.

Golden State Warriors: Recent Form Alert

  • Golden State Warriors were 14-14 (December 13th, 2022)
  • Following Saturday’s game, they are 28-28
  • Golden State is a coin-tossing team

Meanwhile, the Lakers improved to 26-31 with the 6-point victory. There is a question as to whether this team waited too long before putting together a lineup that can get things done. However, a win on the road at Golden State does speak well for the Lakers right now. That is a difficult win even with Curry out, especially since LA was without LeBron.

LA is still in 13th in the standings but the difference between 13th and 3rd in the west is only 5 or 6 games (depending on whether the Sac Kings win on Saturday). If the Lakers come together, as they probably will, then they have everything they need to make the playoffs and win a series.

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