Knicks vs Pelicans Recap: NBA Saturday

Knicks vs Pelicans recap for Saturday, February 25th, 2023. The Pelicans (now 30-31 this season) lost to the Knicks, who are now 35-27.

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The New York Knicks are a trending team in the NBA. They hosted the New Orleans Pelicans on Saturday night, looking for their fifth straight win.

The Knicks won the game in a contest that was not competitive at all as time expired. They put up a large double-digit margin of victory in the game, winning comfortably by 22 points. The final score was New Orleans 106, and New York 128 as the Knicks made good on their efforts to keep their winning streak alive.

Pelicans vs Knicks: Julius Randle scores 28

With the loss, the Pelicans are now 30-31 overall on the season. The hinges have really fallen off of this team as they now have a losing record on the season. At their peak, the Pelicans were a team that was 11 games above .500 at 23-12 in late December. The injury to Zion Williamson has basically seen this team crumble.

Meanwhile, the Knicks improved to 35-27 with the 22-point victory. The top scorer in the game was Julius Randle. He had a very good 28 points in the contest helping New York to its 5th straight win.

The Knicks have also been playing well over the longer term. They are 17-9 since December 30th and Randle has been a high performer during many of the games during that time.

New York Knicks: Recent Form Alert

  • New York Knicks were 18-18 (December 30th, 2022)
  • Following Saturday’s game, they are 35-27
  • New York is 17-9 in its last 26 games

New York’s season feels like it has more going for it now than it ever has previously. They currently sit sixth in the east and have gained some ground lately on a couple of the teams above them, Cleveland and Brooklyn. A four-seed is not out of the question for the playoffs, especially with Mitchell Robinson back to full health. However, reasonable conjecture would make the Knicks a five seed, with the Nets likely to keep drifting in the standings.

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