Does firing Mike McCarthy make any sense?

Does it make sense to fire Mike McCarthy? Gossip surrounding the coach shouldn’t be so harsh.

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Mike McCarthy, a former Super Bowl winner as a head coach, has been central to a lot of discussions. His Dallas Cowboys lost in Week 1, Dak Prescott took an injury, and if QB2 Cooper Rush doesn’t win some games for Dallas before Prescott returns, then life could be miserable in Dallas this season.

McCarthy is currently in his third season with the Dallas Cowboys. Expectations have fallen short in his previous two seasons. In 2020, he went 6-10 and in 2021, McCarthy went 12-5 but did not make the conference championship. For a franchise in the hunt for a Super Bowl ring, McCarthy has not come close to that with Dallas yet.

Problems in Dallas Preceded Mike McCarthy

But is the current situation really a reflection on Mike McCarthy? The Dallas Cowboys have failed to live up to expectations for years now. After their 13-3 season in 2016, the Cowboys went just 9-7. They a won playoff game in 2018/19 but went 8-8 the next season and missed the NFL playoffs.

If you look at their short-term history, McCarthy’s record of 12-5 is the best since Prescott’s rookie season. Furthermore, it was the team’s fourth-best winning percentage since they won the Super Bowl way back in 1995. How can talks of firing a coach that just completed a 12-win season be taken seriously in a city that has seen so many losing seasons for decades?

Mike McCarthy as a scapegoat?

Those that think McCarthy should be fired are guilty of thoughtless knee-jerk reactionism. The Cowboys could easily end up with a coach that is nowhere near capable of a 12-5 season let alone a Super Bowl ring. Getting rid of McCarthy would be haphazard management and a mistake. If Dallas does not turn this season around, then changes with the playing personnel might be the better way to go.

The Cowboys have a huge game in Week 2. A loss and calls for getting rid of McCarthy will intensify. A win and they will likely relax – but maybe only for a short time.

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