Dallas Mavericks reportedly acquire Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving reportedly traded to the Dallas Mavericks. Why bettors should not overreact in support of Dallas winning the title.

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The Dallas Mavericks have reportedly acquired Kyrie Irving. The guard, formerly of the Brooklyn Nets, asked to be traded ahead of the NBA’s quickly approaching trade deadline. The Nets have apparently met with that demand, likely because they realized it’s smarter to offload a player that doesn’t want to be around anymore. One source that reported on this on Sunday afternoon was Adrian Wojnarowski.

The Mavericks are sending Dorian Finney-SmithSpencer Dinwiddie, an unprotected 2029 first-round pick and second-round picks in 2027 and 2029 to the Nets in exchange for Irving and Markieff Morris, sources said.

ESPN on February 5th, 2023

Spencer Dinwiddie joins the Brooklyn Nets

None of the players named in the trade are particularly weak. Spencer Dinwiddie has led the Dallas Mavericks in scoring in 9 individual games this season. Furthermore, the point guard is often a game-high leader for assists.

The Nets offloading Irving but getting Dinwiddie back does not inherently mean that Brooklyn is waving the white flag on their season. Dinwiddie is a capable guard, even when compared to NBA starting guards.

However, Brooklyn has drifted in the futures market for the NBA title in the aftermath of the trade. They are now 25 to 1 to win the NBA title with bet365 sportsbook. They were 14 to 1 at this time yesterday and the trade is the news of substance with the team recently.

Dallas still missing pieces

Dorian Finney-Smith plays the same position as Kevin Durant. In acquiring him, the Nets add depth in the position that they are currently injured in as KD remains out.

Dallas is now 12 to 1 with bet365 sportsbook to win the NBA title, making them 7th favorite. With a 28-26 record, the team is now a guard-heavy one with Irving and Luka Doncic as the starting guards. Two guards don’t always fuel one another on offense and Dallas is still missing a starting center or power forward that would really make the team elite. Dallas acquiring Markieff Morris is not significant as his best basketball appears to be behind him. Bettors thinking about backing Dallas should not overreact to this trade.