Cleveland Cavaliers Injury Report: All-Star Break

The Cleveland Cavaliers have a win total of 50.5 (2023-02-18). We look at this team's injury report as it hits the All-Star break.

By DeAndre Patrick - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

The Cleveland Cavaliers, the fourth-ranked team in our recent NBA power rankings, head into the All-Star break in really good form. They did lose their last game but over the longer term, the Cavaliers were playing well.

They head into the break with seven wins in their last eight games. They are playing their best basketball right now since the early stages of the current season.

Arguably, the break actually came at a bad time for Cleveland. As far as injury reports go, Cleveland's is not that bad. They certainly are not like a lot of teams that desperately needed a break. Cavalier fans will look to see if Ricky Rubio and Cedi Osman are good to go when play resumes, players that are currently day-to-day for the team. However, in a zero-sum world, the timing of the All-Star break helps the other teams more than Cleveland on average/

Cleveland Cavaliers: Recent Form Alert

  • Formerly: 31 - 22 on February 1st, 2023
  • Currently: 38 - 23 (overall)
  • Recent form: 7 - 1 since February 1st, 2023
  • Recent winning rate: 87.5%
  • Cleveland Cavaliers' recent form: 25.3% compared to what they need overall

When we last looked at the Cavaliers, it was very early in this month. They were a team that we felt would go UNDER their win total this season. At the time it was set at 50.5 and that's where it remains. With 21 games remaining, Cleveland would need to go 13-8 to beat their total. At this point, the win-total OVER/UNDER looks really hard to split.

Cleveland Cavaliers: Looking Ahead

  • Games remaining (regular season): 21
  • Minimum overall record needed for OVER to hit: 51 - 31
  • Summary: Cleveland needs 13 wins in their remaining schedule to beat their win total

Recent news with the Cavaliers has to do with their long-time player Kevin Love. Love is the only player with the Cavaliers that was with the team when they won the championship in 2016, defeating the Golden State Warriors in seven games. The Cavs might buy out Love and there is some conjecture that he will then join the Miami Heat. As of Friday, it's not clear how exactly this will play out.

But one thing to note with Cleveland is that they don't have a great road record. Entering the All-Star Break, they are just 13-17 as an away team this season. The team has a game in Boston and then two games in Miami in early March. Those might be the games to watch to see if the Cavaliers have improved or if they just got hot for a little bit. Despite Cleveland's great form right now, they have not defeated a quality team in quite some time on the road.

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