Cleveland Browns score win to open NFL Week 3

The Cleveland Browns score in Week 3: Cleveland 29, Pittsburgh 17. Here’s a recap, including commentary on how both the QBs did.

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The Cleveland Browns defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers on Thursday night to open Week 3 in the NFL. The final score in the game was 29-17 but it was closer than it looked. On the final play, Pittsburgh was down 23-17 and completed a 12-yard pass.

Then they lateralled the ball so many times that it ended up back in their own end zone. After a botched lateral, the Browns pounced on the ball for the TD. Unlike last week, this was a scored TD that didn’t hurt the Browns.

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Cleveland Browns score: covers a moderate spread

For a betting recap, the Browns covered a -5.5 or -4.5 spread. The former was their early spread and the latter came closer to game time.

Myles Garrett was in the game, however, he had a flat stat line. The star pass rusher had no sacks and just two tackles. He was questionable most of the week so Cleveland fans will be happy that he now has a lengthy rest period before Week 4.

The Browns improved to 2-1 on the season while Pittsburgh dropped to 1-2. Cleveland is not looking bad thus far this season. Throw out two minutes of football that never should have been played and the Browns would be 3-0. As they are, Cleveland looks like an 11th to 13th-Power-Ranked team.

Mitch Trubisky flat as ever

For a quarterback recap, Pittsburgh’s Mitch Trubisky was as flat as ever. He was 20 for 32, he threw no touchdowns, and he earned a passer-rating of 81.1. He’s a credible NFL starter but nothing that will help get Pittsburgh to the playoffs this season.

His counterpart on Thursday was far more effective. Jacoby Brissett continues to be the solid starting-QB that the Browns need. He connected for two touchdowns on 21 for 31 passing attempts. Brissett posted a 109.6 rating in the game in helping his side.

Next up for Cleveland is a Week 4 contest against the Atlanta Falcons. The Steelers will try to improve to 2-2 with a win over the Jets in Week 4.