Bulls vs Nets Recap: NBA February 24th, 2023

Bulls vs Nets recap for Friday, February 24th, 2023. The Nets (now 34-25 this season) lost to the Bulls, who are now 27-33.

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The Chicago Bulls, who added Patrick Beverley over the All-Star break, hosted the Brooklyn Nets on Friday. The Bulls will be trying to make a push to get into the playoffs in the weeks ahead. The Nets, who are somewhat comfortable for a playoff seed, are trying to make sure they don’t slide in the standings.

On Friday, the Bulls won the game in a contest that was a total one-sided blowout. They put up a huge double-digit margin of victory in the uncompetitive affair, winning by 44 points against the Nets. The final score was Brooklyn 87, and Chicago 131, a result that is head-turning due to the spread.

Nets @ Bulls Friday: Zach Lavine scores 32

With the loss, the Nets are now 34-25 overall on the season. You have to wonder if the loss spells the beginning of the end of these Nets. They’ve been trying to hang on after losing their best players earlier this month. However, a 44-point loss is their worst loss of the season.

Meanwhile, the Bulls improved to 27-33 with the 44-point victory. The spread marks the largest margin of victory for the Bulls so far this season. That it comes in the immediate aftermath of the All-Star break should be encouraging. Chicago was in good health heading into the game and the new addition of Beverley appeared to pay dividends.

Chicago started Beverley and in 22 minutes he had a point differential of +24. The top scorer in the game was Zach Lavine. He had an impressive 32 points in the contest in 29 minutes of action. Next up for Chicago is a home game against Washington on Sunday. In what looks like a competitive game on paper, it will be interesting to see what the opening spread is following Chicago’s mammoth victory.

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