Brooklyn Nets: Win Total Projection and Injuries

The Brooklyn Nets have a win total of 46.5 (2023-02-17). We consider the OVER/UNDER for this total and the team’s injuries.

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The Brooklyn Nets head into the All-Star break with a 34-24 record, ten games above .500 thanks, in part, to the run that the team went on in December. The Nets won 12 games straight at a time when they boasted Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving in good health.

It wasn’t too last, Durant got injured, Irving wanted out, and then Durant got traded. As they went so went Brooklyn’s serious hopes for a title, however, their win total this season is still at 46.5.

Brooklyn Nets win-total (bet365): 46.5 (simplified perspective)

  • Current winning rate: 58.62%
  • The winning rate needed for OVER 46.5: 57.32%
  • Difference: 1.3%
  • Simplified conclusion: the Nets are ahead of their win-total projection

What does the All-Star break mean for this team? Their depth chart at ESPN doesn’t show any injuries. That being the case, the break does not inherently help this team’s health. However, it could provide a greater opportunity for their new players to settle in.

They are a tough team to place with an UNDER or OVER pick. Their recent form would definitely suggest taking the UNDER as they are just 3-4 since trading Irving. However, this is also a team that should improve — if they stay healthy. They don’t have a bad roster even after the trades.

Brooklyn Nets: Recent Form Alert

  • Formerly: 31 – 20 on February 3rd, 2023
  • Currently: 34 – 24 (overall)
  • Recent form: 3 – 4 since the Kyrie Irving trade
  • Recent winning rate: 42.86%
  • Brooklyn Nets’ recent form: -14.46% compared to what they need overall

The Nets need a winning percentage of .573 this season to beat their OVER. Their recent form is well below that. In order to make up the difference, the Nets would need to go 13-9 for the balance of the season.

You definitely have to be leaning to the UNDER with this team with 11-11 as a likely record from this point onward. However, it looks pretty close and anytime that you have a close call, you could just take a pass on the market, which is our recommendation.

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