Brooklyn Nets betting news – odds changing

There has been loads of news with the Brooklyn Nets. Here’s what is happening from a betting perspective on the NBA team.

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The Brooklyn Nets could be crashing right now. At the start of the week, they got rid of their head coach, Steve Nash. In more recent news, the Nets and Kyrie Irving are central to a drama involving a controversial film. Irving has been suspended for five games and now the Nets are small underdogs against the Washington Wizards on Friday night (+3.0 Unibet).

Brooklyn’s futures odds are changing

In ante-post markets, the Nets are a team going through some major changes. A short time ago, we tipped the Nets at 7 to 1 to miss the playoffs (October 30th, 2022). The Nets are now 27/10 with bet365 to miss the playoffs, much shorter odds. It seems that the developments this week have had an impact on the oddsmakers and/or betting trends. Of course, that the Nets are now 2-6 to start the season is part of the equation.

The Nets had a win total of 51.5 before the season started with bet365. That was a win total that we felt the Nets would go UNDER when we did our preseason analysis of the team. The Nets have a new win total with bet365. As of Friday morning, Brooklyn’s win total is now 46.5 — and the OVER side is priced longer than EVEN at +120.

Getting rid of Steve Nash could help the team

The Nets got rid of Steve Nash — and that could help the team. Nash was not a great coach. He overplayed his star players and failed to clear the second round despite having a talented roster during his tenure.

He does have a .584 winning percentage in the regular season as a head coach. It will be interesting to see if anyone calls him up to lead their team. However, .584 with the lineup he had is what ultimately cost him his job. The Nets could, in fact, end up in better hands.

Is it time to bet against Brooklyn or bet in favor of them? The recent developments might lead to a change of direction for the franchise. However, there is a question as to whether or not Kyrie Irving and the Nets are comfortable with each other. The situation with Brooklyn currently seems chaotic and it’s not clear how it will settle.