Virtus Pro win the Kuala Lumpur Major with a close 3-2 win over Team Secret

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Virtus Pro and Team Secret faced off against each other in the Grand Finals of the Kuala Lumpur Major. The two teams had already played once before in the playoffs, where Team Secret was able to defeat Virtus Pro in 3 games. This time around, Virtus Pro was ready for whatever Team Secret had in store for them. Here is a quick recap of the entire series as it went through.

The First Game: Virtus Pro starts off with a victory.  

The first game saw Team Secret pick up a core Shadow Shaman. Never one to shy away from a different veto, Puppey handed over the Shadow Shaman to MidOne. He had a great laning phase easily coming out on top of No[o]ne. However as the game got into the latter phases, the hero definitely paled in comparison. In addition to this, Secret also had a Tiny for the mid-game. But with such high burst potential, it turned out to be a very easy game for Virtus Pro once they figured out Team Secret’s strategy. They picked really tanky heroes like the Centaur Warrunner on the 5th position. With 2500 HP Pool, it was nearly impossible to kill the position 5 hero.

Team Secret also grouped up more than normal which allowed Enigma [ Rodjer] to make some insane plays with the Blackhole. It was not uncommon to see the player grab multiple Team Secret players in his ultimate. Finally, Virtus Pro was quite dominant in the first game of the Best of Five series.

Game 2: Team Secret ties up the series

The second game of the series saw Team Secret go back to their trademark Arc Warden. The hero has been a staple at the Kuala Lumpur 

Major with many players using it to full efficiency. Nisha was not as effective in this game, but it was Yapzor who turned the tide of the entire game.

His support weaver might as well have been a core as he ended the game with a final score of 18-4 was singularly responsible for the win. It was so difficult for Virtus Pro to lock him down, and even if they did he was only a Support player. There was still heroes like Arc Warden and Broodmother to deal with. Midone had a great game, as usual, on the Broodmother. However, Secret just had the much better team coordination in this series. The support lineup of Team Secret was on point with their positioning and their role on the team. They were enabling their cores constantly to be able to stand up to Ramzes666 and No[o]ne in this game.

Third Game: YapZor the MVP once more.

The third game saw Team Secret pick up a very magic damage heavy lineup. With heroes like Zeus and Rubick, they had a heavy focus on allowing Zeus the space in the mid-game. They also had the Phantom Lancer, but it was not until very late in the game that he really came online with items.

A particular mid-game fight which saw Secret.Zai buyback, come in from behind Virtus Pro to turn around the final result was a huge momentum shift. The Virtus Pro lineup is very ultimate dependent and Team Secret took very efficient advantage of this fact. Post this team fight, Team Secret just had better positioning and map awareness especially with the Monkey King providing vision from the trees.

Team Secret showed us how to deal with the Terrorblade as they were constantly able to kite him around. Once Zeus got his Ahganim’s sceptre, they had complete control over Terrorblade. With Rubick stealing reflection and the Zeus Nimbus, Terrorblade had a very tough time dealing with his own illusions. There were multiple times when Ramzes666 had to use his BKB just to escape. The game was all about Yapzor’s positioning and his Reflection usage.

The Support play by Team Secret was on point. With Yapzor constantly able to steal Terrorblade’s Reflection and Sunder to play offensively and defensively, Team Secret was always ahead. Ultimately, Virtus Pro tapped out of the game as they realised they had little to no chance of making it past the Secret playstyle.

Virtus Pro retaliate in Game 4


The series saw an interesting turn in Game 4. This time, it was Virtus Pro which picked the Terrorblade. Secret chose the Morphling to counter Terrorblade. We have seen Morphling put up amazing performances as his damage is amplified with Terrorblade’s replica. However, this game saw both teams move very close to each other when it comes to the team fights. Team Secret had a very good early game start, but as the game progressed Virtus Pro slowly began snatching the game from their hands. The Virtus Pro lineup with the Terrorblade on Ramzes666 saw the player pick up 897 GPM at the end of the game. When the Terrorblade farms so fast, it becomes nigh impossible for Team Secret to try to catch up to him. He had so many items on himself and the high damage coupled with the regular Aegis of the Immortal meant that Team Secret did not have anyone to target. There was also the OD save with the Astral Imprisonment in case Team Secret did decide to target anyone.

Virtus Pro’s dominance in this game came fr0m the high damage to buildings. They were able to take one objective after another. Team Secret did not really have an option when they were regularly 4v5 against Terrorblade lineup.

Virtus Pro seal the deal with the last game.

The Championship game of the series saw Virtus Pro pick up the Terrorblade once more. In addition to the Terrorblade, they also had the Magnus, Tiny. With Magnus’ Empower, it only fastened Terrorblade’s farm. Despite having such a fast farm, Terrorblade was not really left free by Team Secret. For the most part, Midone and Nisha were able to keep up the pace with the Terroblade throughout the game.

But Virtus Pro had much superior vision throughout the game. There were multiple instances when Virtus Pro won team fights simply cause of a much better vision throughout the map. Yapzor on the Earthshaker was the only hero capable of providing any team fight control for Team Secret.

There was no stopping Ramzes666 on his Terrorblade, even without the Metamorphosis. Virtus Pro’s team fight was way too much for Team Secret to deal with. Virtus Pro displayed a superior gameplay and much better synergy on their roster at this Major.

With this victory, Virtus Pro are the first champions of the new Dota 2 Pro Circuit season. The team resumes its dominance in the Dota Pro Circuit. They secure 4950 Dota Pro Circuit points and a huge step forward to qualifying for TI9. With only five Majors for this season, we expect Virtus Pro to easily qualify for The International Shanghai.

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