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The League of Legends World Championship is in full swing by its third day and the Play-In Stage has almost come to an end. With the results from yesterday, we now have a more clear picture of how the Main Event is shaping up.

World Championship Play-In Day 3

Seven games took place on 3 October and we already know which teams from Group C and D will advance to the second round of the Play-Ins to compete for a spot at the Group Stage.

G-Rex vs Gambit

The third day of the Play-In stage was opened with a match between the top contenders in Group D – G-Rex and Gambit Esports. Frankly, the game was nothing we have not seen before. Much like in their first match and every other since, G-Rex held immediate control of the map. Initially, the game started with small engagements and a few trades, however, the stalemate would end just before the 10-minute mark when G-Rex took down Gambit’s first bot tower, which was followed up by a push in the mid lane, resulting in another tower kill.

Gambit were able to bring down a dragon a few towers of their own, but the gold advantage was strictly in G-Rex’ corner. Still, their best efforts were not enough to halt G-Rex’ attacks and even more towers fell. A team fight in the 24th minute saw three of Gambit’s players be killed and the one after that removed any hope for them to turn things around. After G-Rex acquired the Baron buff they were able to push into Gambit’s base and destroy the enemy Nexus, bringing the game to a close just after 30 minutes of play.

KaBuM! e-Sports vs DetonatioN FocusMe

The second match of the day saw KaBuM have their shot at revenge versus DetonatioN, who beat them on the first day. KaBuM were really dominant in this matchup and the advantage that they acquired by the end of the game was staggering.

From the very first minutes, it was clear that KaBuM’s Zantis would dominate in the top lane, having killed Evi twice by the 5-minute mark. Things were very much par the course until the 15th minute when DFM’s bot and top towers were taken down within seconds of each other. This was followed up by a push in the mid lane, which cemented KaBuM’s gold lead in the mid-game. From that moment on, DFM were afraid to engage their opponent and KaBuM took advantage by attacking even harder. Despite that, DFM’s jungler Steal was able to steal the Baron kill, though at the cost of two player kills and a tower.

By that point, KaBuM were so dominant in their position that even the Baron steal was not able to turn the tide. A team fight after the 30th minute saw three of DFM’s players fall, in addition to two towers and two inhibitors. It was only a matter of time for KaBuM to seal the game and after taking down Baron, they pushed into the enemy base and finished the match.

Kaos Latin Gamers vs Gambit

The second Group D match saw Kaos Latin Gamers try their skills against Gambit again. By all accounts, this was a boring game for two-thirds of its duration. Nothing much happened for the first 18 minutes and the first towers fell at the hands of KLG, though that was followed up by a skirmish which saw two of their players die.

Another team fight ensued a few minutes later in the mid lane and while KLG were able to bring down another tower, it again came at the cost of their mid-laner and jungler. From then on, Gambit had the advantage and they made great use of it, killing the Baron and pushing heavily into KLG territory. That would define the last 10 minutes of the match, with KLG hopelessly trying to withstand Gambit’s assault. Ultimately, it was not enough and the KLG Nexus was destroyed just shy of 35 minutes in.

KaBuM! e-Sports vs Cloud9

Hot off their victory against DFM, KaBuM were hoping to ride the wave against the undisputed leader of Group C – Cloud9. Their hopes, however, would be crushed mercilessly as it happens with many who go up against Cloud9.

The NA team secured the advantage early on with a gank from Balber in the top lane and Sneaky and Zeyzal bringing down their opponents in bot lane. Still, KaBuM were able to destroy towers, even if they were not comfortable with engaging in fights. Surprisingly, a team fight more than halfway through saw Cloud9 lose three of their members and a tower, which slightly pushed the advantage in KaBuM’s corner, though not for long. Cloud9 came back to form quickly and brought down two towers in response.

The next team fight resulted in the death of three KaBuM players, which was then followed up by a Baron kill and the takedown of two towers. The advantage of Cloud9 was too much for KaBuM to bear and the final push by the North Americans would be fatal.

Kaos Latin Gamers vs G-Rex

The second match between KLG and G-Rex in the Play-In was arguably the most contested match of the third day. Both teams performed great and there were many ups and downs during the half hour of play. It was indeed, the best match that Kaos Latin Gamers had played in the Championship, though they would have a tough opponent in G-Rex.

First blood was had in the third minute Candy and Stitch killed Tierwulf and Slow, effectively shutting down KLG’s jungling potential and severely impacting their bottom lane.

The first major encounter came just 9 minutes in at the top lane, where KLG took the worst of it, losing three members, as opposed to the two of G-Rex. Of course, the Taiwanese team would even the score shortly after when they killed four of KLG’s players and taking down their bot tower. This was followed up with a Dragon kill and it pushed the advantage in favor of G-Rex.

Still, the game was far from over and the South American team would not bow their heads just yet. The next few minutes saw both teams trading towers and shortly after the 20-minute mark another team fight took place. This time KLG came out ahead but suffered casualties of their own, leaving only PK and Stitch standing. To the delight of viewers everywhere, the next team fight was only 2 minutes away and it took place at the Baron pit. KLG were able to steal the Baron kill, but G-Rex decimated their lineup by killing three players and following it up with two towers.

For the rest of the match, KLG would attempt to push lanes only to be caught off guard with their Camille at top lane, while the rest of the team were defending the base from the G-Rex onslaught. The final team fight of the game would prove to be the straw that broke the camel’s back. All five of KLG’s members perished and it left their base exposed for G-Rex to tramp over.

Cloud9 vs DetonatioN FocusMe

The penultimate match of the day saw Detonation FocusMe try their luck against Cloud9. A victory for the Japanese team would mean automatic advancement to the next Play-In stage. Defeat, however, would result in them having to play another match against KaBuM! e-Sports.

As it happens, luck was not on the Japanese side and the game was very much in favor of Cloud9. While the gold gap was not crippling, it certainly played a role in this match. For the most part, the game was tame and even halfway through nothing much had happened. Both teams were trading the odd player kill and tower takedown but nothing groundbreaking.

A team fight in the 25th minute would briefly cripple Cloud9’s offensive potential, resulting in the deaths of their AD Carry, Jungler and Support. This led DFM to believe that it was safe to go for the Baron kill and while they were able to take him down, it Cloud9 did kill their jungler and top laner. The 35th minute had the last team fight in the match, where Cloud9 kill every DFM member, while only losing their jungler. This, naturally, led to the end of the game and another victory for Cloud9.

DetonatioN FocusMe vs KaBuM! e-Sports

With the loss to Cloud9, DetonatioN FocusMe would hold a record of 1-3, the same as KaBuM! e-Sports. Since it is not feasible for both teams to advance one had to go. The Decider match was the last for the day and it was certainly not up to par with the rest of the games previously played. It lasted for a pitiful 24 minutes and it was not until 16 minutes into the match that something happened. A team fight ensued where DFM killed off three of KaBuM’s members but that was not followed up with anything. Both teams continued to trade towers until DFM pulled off a Baron kill and pushed into KaBuM’s base. From then on, it was a poor show of KaBuM trying to withstand the Japanese assault. It was not meant to be and DFM picked up the victory.


With yesterday’s matches coming to a close, the tournament is looking much clearer. The results are the following:

Group C:

  • Cloud9: 4-0
  • DetonatioN FocusMe: 1 – 3 (+1 Tiebreaker match)
  • KaBuM! e-Sports: 1 – 3 (-1 Tiebreaker match)

Group D:

  • G-Rex: 4-0
  • Gambit Esports: 2-2
  • Kaos Latin Gamers: 0-4

In light of these results, Kaos Latin Gamers and KaBuM! e-Sports are eliminated from the World Championship. The other four teams will advance to the second round of the Play-In stage, where they will face off against the four winners from Group A and B to earn a place in the Group Stage.

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