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As the NFL season progresses, there are some incredibly exciting NFL games to place your bets on. It’s not just about the regular-season games… as soon as those games are done in January, then you can go on the hunt for the top NFL picks for the NFL playoffs.

Of course, it’s in February that you can get to enjoy and bet on the hotly anticipated, biggest sporting event of the year, the grand finale, the Super Bowl – which in 2021 saw the Tampa Bay Buccaneers take on the Kansas City Chiefs. The best team in the National Football Conference took on the best team in the American Conference to lift the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

But there’s more excitement in the NFL than just the big game at the end. Every game offers bettors fun, excitement and opportunities for making money when you hunt down the best NFL odds.

So, check out our top NFL picks and predictions today so that you can enjoy the best value NFL betting odds for whichever game you want to wager on.

NFL Football Schedule

The most exciting thing about the start of the new season is checking out all the dates of the entire NFL season. Recently, due to all sorts of restrictions and issues, it certainly hasn’t been straightforward. However, each season has come together and brought us a deserving champion – with the 2019-20 season being won by the Kansas City Chiefs of the AFC after beating the San Francisco 49ers of the NFC by 31 points to 20.

However, the following year saw the return of Kansas City to the Super Bowl, but Rookie quarterback Mac Jones helped the New England Patriots beat them convincingly

The 2021/22 NFL Schedule Key Dates

Every bettor will want to know the key dates to put in their diaries, so they can take advantage of our daily picks and predictions, perfect for anyone looking to make money on Moneyline bets, parlays and more.

  • 9th September: Start of NFL regular season.
  • 2nd November: NFL trade deadline at 4 p.m.
  • 9th January 2022: Final day of the NFL regular season.
  • 15th-16th January 2022: Wild Card games.
  • 17th January 2022: Deadline for underclass college football players to enter the 2022 NFL Draft.
  • 22nd-23rd January 2022: Divisional round games.
  • 30th January 2022: Conference championship games.
  • 6th February 2022: Pro Bowl at Allegiant Stadium, Las Vegas.
  • 13th February 2022: Super Bowl LVI at SoFi Stadium, Los Angeles.
  • 1st-7th March 2022: 2022 NFL Scouting Combine, Indianapolis.
  • 8th March 2022: Deadline for the franchise and transition tags.
  • 14th – 16th March 2022: Legal free agency tampering opens.
  • 16th March 2022: Start of 2022 league year and free agency.
  • 28th-30th April 2022: 2022 NFL Draft, held in Las Vegas.

NFL Playoff Predictions

Although the majority of the time it’s all about the regular season, our expert NFL handicappers don’t just look at Monday night games, Thursday night games and regular-season Sunday games, but they also check out the NFL postseason action. They offer well-researched PFL playoff predictions and more. Our experts also help you to make picks from the wild card games, playoffs names, conference finals and, of course, the biggest event of the year… the Super Bowl.

Every day, our expert handicappers will be ready and waiting to guide you all throughout the NFL year, analyzing every game and match, scouring all the data, checking out any player injuries as well as the form of the teams and, of course, looking for the best sports betting sites out there that offer you the best odds and bonuses so that you can always access the top NFL playoff predictions throughout the postseason.

NFL Playoffs Today

Each team goes through highs and lows throughout the NFL regular season – with each team facing challenges, especially through recent seasons. However, the NFL playoffs are always there to keep football fans entertained – and those games will all take place with the best NFL teams at world-class stadiums.

The new season will be no different – with plenty of games to look forward to – involving the best teams in the world, so here at, we will look at all of the games on our top NFL picks today page. We want you to always have access to our top daily picks – whether it’s for a single bet or a parlay bet – or whatever NFL wager you are looking to make. Look at our very best NFL predictions for NFL playoff games today!

We always ensure that our NFL betting experts look at the whole NFL slate for every game in the NFL season and NFL playoffs so that we can get you the fullest game previews and best free NFL predictions for each NFL game today.

NFL Super Bowl

The biggest event in the sporting calendar in the US is the Super Bowl – and you can make your bets on it! You could try a single wager… or why not try out a parlay? A parlay bet means that you can make all different wagers on one game, combine the odds and get an even bigger win. Who will be the winners this season? Will it be the New England Patriots or Kansas City Chiefs again or will it be a shock win… can the New York Giants or even the Indianapolis Colts? Here at our daily NFL picks page, we bring you all the information on the game that you need.

Free NFL Picks: Expert NFL Predictions for Today’s Games

The NFL has so much exciting action going on – making betting on the games exhilarating! As such, bettors can look forward to all sorts of bet types and betting options… which is exactly why we bring you the best NFL predictions for every game all throughout the season and postseason.

What to Expect from Our NFL Expert Picks

This isn’t the biggest sporting season in the world – with each team playing just 17 games in a regular-season each, compared to the NBA’s 82 games. But with the NFL it is most certainly a case of quality over quantity. Because there are fewer games to focus on, there is more time to research and study each of those games in more depth, which makes our pick even more reliable and worthwhile.

Our Expert NFL Picks Today

If there happens to be an NFL game today, then the chances are that we will have an expert pick for it. We offer free expert NFL predictions every day that has NFL action. With each team playing 17 regular-season games, plus preseason and postseason games, there’s always plenty of betting to be done. Here at, we study player matchups, injuries, rotations, travel schedules, referees and more to make sure that nothing is missing in our predictions.

Free Moneyline NFL Predictions

If you are looking for a more simple bet, then you can’t go wrong with the Moneyline wager. This type of bet simply requires you to pick out which team you think will win. If both NFL teams are pretty evenly matched then you can get some pretty decent odds for this type of bet. However, if there are heavy favorites and underdogs then you might want to look at against the spread bets. This type of wager is excellent for the Super Bowl because it is a game between the two best teams – both looking for the win and both capable of getting the win. For example, the Miami Dolphins v the Los Angeles Chargers will generally offer a great Moneyline bet as the result can generally go either way.

Free NFL Picks Against the Spread

Oftentimes, betting on the favorite doesn’t give great value odds, so one way of getting decent odds whilst betting on a heavy favorite is by betting against the spread, which evens it up a bit. Say, for example, one of the NFL playoff games is mismatched, then you can bet on the favorite team winning by a certain number of points instead of just winning.

So, you could wager on the Green Bay Packers beating the Las Vegas Raiders on the Monday night football game by more than 8 points if that is the line set by the bookmaker. You would simply wear on Green Bay Packers -8, which means that they would have to beat the Las Vegas Raiders by more than 8 points to win your bet.

Betting this way will give you much more favorable odds and makes betting on a favorite or underdog more worthwhile.

When heading over to the bookmaker, you would see an Against the Spread bet look like this:

  • Dallas Cowboys -8
  • Washington Football Team +8

This means that the bookmaker believes that the Dallas Cowboys are 8 points better than the Washington Football team and should win by at least 8 points. If our expert handicapper agrees with the bookmaker then we would recommend taking Dallas Cowboys Against the Spread. If they disagree, then they would back the Washington Football Team against the Spread – which gives them an 8 point cushion with the final score… so as long as they lose by less than 8 points, you win. There can often be good value in taking the underdog Against the Spread.

NFL Over/Under Picks

Today’s NFL games mean that the style of play and the systems used will often favor the ‘over’ as most teams play fast and hard, using their team and player speed for a strong attack and powerful offensive line. As such, the defense doesn’t get as much attention – and this means that most bettors and wagers look for games to provide plenty of point-scoring action.

In the sport of football, there will be good times to bet on the two teams’ scores combined to be ‘over’ the total. However, often the value bets can be found ‘under’ an overinflated line. For example, if the two teams are playing and both teams have been high scorers in their last game, the bookmaker will usually inflate the line knowing that the punter will likely think that result must surely be ‘over’ based on the last few games.

However, this inflated line also gives punters a great chance to wager on under, as there’s also the chance that both of these teams will maybe look at the other team’s strong attack and focus on defense and make sure they don’t give too many points away.

NFL Parlay Picks Today

Not everyone is completely sure what a parlay is – and most people will come up with different answers. Parlays aren’t great for a long term betting strategy, but they can offer great value if used correctly.

An NFL parlay pick will offer punters a small risk and high reward bet that can be very profitable if you have the right information at hand. At its most basic level, an NFL parlay pick consists of two or more selections all on different games. If Sunday saw Los Angeles Rams v New Orleans Saints, Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Pittsburgh Steelers and Seattle Seahawks v Atlanta Falcons, then you would bet on all three of those games and combine the bet into one. This means that your predictions for all three games would need to be right to win any money. However, the amount of money you would win would be better than betting on each game singularly.

These days, punters can also wager on same game parlays, which means that a bettor can focus on just one game and put different wagers together on that same name for a big payout. So, for example, if you think that the New York Jets v Philadelphia Eagles will be a big scorer, you might same game parlay a totals bet with a touchdown scorer bet and a point spread result. If it is a high scoring game as you predicted, it’s likely your predicted player will also get a touchdown and you might well win your same game parlay.

Every now and then, if we feel there’s a value parlay bet to be had, we will put it on our best bets today!

Free Football Picks Today

Here at, we only want to bring you the best NFL free picks and predictions, with the best value odds. We bring you our expert handicappers that break down all of today’s games – making every game day a great day to wager on the NFL.